Monday, September 12, 2011

Give Yourself Away

Another poem of mine to share:


When you want what you have,
when you love who you are,
what more do you desire
and what more does God wish to give?

When you want what you have,
and when you love who you are,
you will desire to give yourself away,
to be totally shared with Others,
and the more God wishes to give
is the ultimate surprise - Godself.

It brings me joy to announce that in commemoration of the first anniversary of the release of Everyday Sacred, I have decided to make the electronic version (pdf format) available to download free from my website ( - toward the bottom of the home page).  The poems and paintings in this book were a gift to me, a gift given to be shared with others.


Pamela Keane said...

Good to see a new posting from you! I have missed your peaceful reflections.

Clarence Heller said...


Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. It has become clear to me that I need to direct my energies formerly used on blogging to other areas, although I surely did enjoy connecting with you and others. You can still read my peaceful reflections by a) reading my book (again, free electronically on or b) signing up for Connecting New, my monthly e-mail. To sign up for Connecting New, send an email to

rahmi fadhli said...

Saya dari indonesia.. salam kenal yah.. semoga sukses.:)